Georgia pro se divorce packages


  1. Pro Se Self Help

Pro Se Self Help

You have full responsibility for complying with all procedural and substantive requirements of the law. If all documents are not completed, signed, notarized, and filed as required by law, the divorce pleadings are not in compliance with the law; a judge cannot grant your request for divorce and may dismiss your case.

You are responsible for scheduling with the Court any hearings related to your divorce proceeding. The Court cannot act as your attorney, nor can the Court help you prove or defend your case.

Family Court - IF you’re going to represent yourself. 4 things you need to know.

This action involves important legal rights and the Bibb Judicial Circuit urges you to hire an attorney. Home Superior Court Forms and Documents. All Rights Reserved. Guidelines for Mediation SUP Consent Request for Binding Arbitration.

Do it yourself or have it done for you.

Navigating Family Change Parenting Seminar. Advanced Co-Parenting Workshop. Affidavit of Indigence SUP If you feel that you need further assistance in completing your divorce, you are strongly encouraged to obtain legal counsel.

A divorce action in Georgia needs to contain the following:. Family Counseling Center - Families in Transition. Online Parenting - Parent Education Seminar. If you choose to follow the provided visitation schedule, attach it to your settlement agreement.

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